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Do You Have Healthy Boundaries in Your Relationship?

Having good boundaries in a relationship is immensely important. Whenever boundaries are either too strict or too loose the relationship suffers... If boundaries are too loose they can become an existential threat to the relationship: A relationship can only exist when clear boundaries are drawn around a couple and the sanctity of the relationship is…
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How Couples Can Resolve Differences in Parenting Styles

A common source of conflict in couples is how to best raise children together. Parenting is a stressful endeavor and often brings out deep-rooted differences in how each person believes their children should be raised. One person might be more authoritarian and strict whereas the other is more egalitarian and permissive, or one person might…
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5 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

How do you know if your relationship is a healthy one? The general rule of thumb is that a relationship is as healthy as can be when both partners feel secure and safe with each other. Both partners need to know that they can turn to each other if they need something and that they…
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