Love and Intimacy

Are you longing for a stronger connection?

Does it sometimes seem like you are living parallel lives?

Do you not have as many meaningful conversations as you used to?

Has your sex life become boring and predictable?

Do you feel lonely and unfulfilled sometimes?

If so, maybe it is time to invest in your relationship:

how to restore connection with your partner

Many couples grow more distant over time:

Once the honeymoon phase of a relationship is over, many couples struggle to maintain the same level of passion and closeness they used to enjoy so much. Over time, it is easy to begin to take each other for granted, and to begin to feel that you already know each other and therefore have very little new to talk about. Slowly many couples get swept up in their own routines and stop paying as much attention to each others as they used to.
Couples researcher, John Gottman, has found that intimacy begins to erode once couples cease to pay attention to their friendship with each other. He has pointed out that closeness needs to be cultivated intentionally by conscious efforts to update knowledge of each other's likes and opinions, and continued responsiveness to what he calls "bids for connection", those little moments when one of you reaches out for the other or indicates a desire to feel close.
Couples researcher, Sue Johnson, has suggested that intimate bonds begin to erode when couples cease to have conversations with each other about their more tender feelings, and begin to hide more of themselves to each other. This negative pattern can easily develop once partners feel hurt or invalidated in small ways and therefore begin to pull away emotionally to protect themselves.
Whatever the cause of your disconnection, loneliness, or lack of intimacy, we now have the knowledge to do something about it. Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy and The Gottman Method, are both very effective methods to stop negative patterns and reignite passion, intimacy, and closeness. You now no longer need to let your relationship die a slow death, but can do something to revive it and make it last a lifetime...

Couples Therapy Can Bring You Closer:

Couples Therapy Helps You...

Communicate Better with Each Other

Couples therapy helps you better express your feelings and needs in more effective ways, and teaches you how to get your needs met without bottling your feelings up or starting a fight

Understand Relationship Patterns

The first step in changing how you interact is understanding how you interact. Couples therapy helps you identify reoccurring patterns in your relationship dance, and gives you the tools to interact in ways that bring about more closeness

Feel More Authentically Yourself

Couples therapy helps you bring more of your authentic thoughts and feelings into your relationship, so you can feel seen and known for who you are, and feel happier and more fulfilled

See Each Other Differently

Couples therapy helps both of you see each other in a more positive light by helping you access and express more of who you really are, and see the love and affection that lies beneath your hurt feelings

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Our couples therapy methods are backed by science. We use the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, two of the most effective couples therapy approaches, proven by research to deliver dependable results.

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