Dear Rune,
So here we are, it’s the last session. I can’t believe how time moves. I’m pretty sure by now you know what this experience has meant to me. I know you care a great deal as well. I’d still like to try and put into words how grateful I am to have known and worked with you.
When I first came to see you over 3 years ago I was a person who felt she was unworthy of love and deserved to be abused or worse. I didn’t trust myself or anyone else. I had come very close to losing all hope. Therapy changed those illusions - you changed my life by being there.
Today I feel like a completely different person though I still have a ways to go. I want to be alive - I’m excited to risk loving and letting people into my world. I’m still scared of that but this experience shows me I can do it.
The thing I realize now is you gave me the space to be a full person. I never had that before this. I could experience anger, frustration, joy, love, closeness, distance, and sexual desire, all of it! Before I tried to disown a lot of these things, but now I can feel them and be a part of the world.
I know this is painful to say goodbye, but that pain is nothing compared to what my life may have been like had I not met and worked with you.
Looking back on the last 3 years it amazes me how much we accomplished together and things we discovered about not just my life - but life in general. All the changes that took place - well I still feel like I’m processing them and will be for a while.

Individual, Female, age 23