Dear Rune,

I had derailed my own life goals by getting sick-
I let my own dysfunction around relationships starve out my hunger for transformation through good work.

I thank you today.

I thank you for drawing [my partner] out enough in session for me to see him as he truly is, rather than who I fantasized him to be.

I thank you for asking that I stay with myself, and not abandon myself in times of pain.

I now go deep inside when I hurt,
Instead of running-

Effective leaders can't run or distract themselves from the countless problems that come from oversight of highly complex systems.

I had to learn to do a better job of this...

I have my professional life back and my identity with my work has transformed into something healthier.

Today I have renewed hope.

Today I wish for you the gifts you have cultivated in my life-
Freedom from want, fear and anything else that might cause harm.
When the fear returns, I go to a nothing space and send it away again.

There is experience and there is thinking.

I will choose to be present and try to have no opinion of it.

I say to myself,
Pain can not take anything from you- for you have only your presence to give

The rest does not belong to me and it is a fallacy to believe it does...

Tusind Tak,

female client, age 54,