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How to Resolve Recurring Conflicts in Your Relationship

  How to Resolve Recurring Conflicts in Your Relationship:   John Gottman, one of the most acclaimed researchers on couples conflict, has argued that about two thirds of all issues couples argue about are irresolvable. He calls these issues, perpetual conflictsand they consist of difference in taste and habit that are so deeply ingrained in…
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Why Couples Fight and How to Stop It

What to Do When Your Relationship Feels Like a Lot of Work: Relationships can be a lot of work, especially when hidden resentments remain unexpressed or when one or both partners begin to feel a lack of connection. Oftentimes such unexpressed needs or feelings can lead to a perpetual cycle of negativity where both partners…
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Emotion is the Music of Our Relationship

  A relationship is like a dance. One partner puts their feet in response to where the other puts theirs. And the tune we dance to is almost entirely made up of emotions... When one partner says: "Why do we never go on dates anymore?" they are communicating an emotion. Depending on their tone of…
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